The Tradition

The Tradition

The Story of Confetti

Our company was founded on idea and love of Italian tradition. Our owner, being an Italian native, was disheartened about the lack of quality confetti here in the United States. The only solution? Bring it here herself!

She decided to venture out and start her own company where she was in control to find high quality, authentic Italian confetti and hand crafted accessories.

The tradition of confetti has been around since Roman times and represents that life is both bitter and sweet.  Giving confetti is customary at all of life's special celebrations. They are given in odd numbers to show indivisibility and that the couple cannot be divided. The five almonds given at weddings stand for happiness, health, wealth, fertility and longevity to the newlyweds.

We have put a new spin on this important tradition by offering a variety of flavors, colors, styles and all of the accessories necessary to incorporate confetti into your event. Now, we are the exclusive distributor of Buratti confetti in the United States. 

All of our products are imported directly from Italy. We strive to honor the Italian tradition while being innovative and accommodating to many styles and changing trends, we take great pride in our company for exemplifying quality, innovation and style. Quality is of the upmost importance to us. Our family travels to Italy every 3 months to closely monitor the quality of our products and find the newest flavors and most innovative trends to bring to our customers.

Our vision for Amore Mio Confetti is to create a brand recognized for being an authentic importer of Italian products. We work hard to be remembered for our unbeatable quality, range and versatility of products and creating a family-oriented, friendly and enjoyable customer service experience. Our confetti is authentic and meaningful in representing Italian culture. We have put an innovative twist on the age-old tradition of using confetti to celebrate life's important moments by offering an extensive product line of flavors, colors and packaging.

Although we are an online business, we always take the time to learn about our clients in order to give them ideas and information on which products would work best for their purpose, style, time frame and budget.

All products are gluten free! We ship nationwide.

Various colors are used to signify a different event:

15 years: Porcelain wedding<br>16 years: Sapphire wedding<br>17 years: Rose wedding<br>18 years: Turquoise wedding<br>19 years: Cretonne wedding<br>Celebrate them with opaque white sugared almonds

Weddings, Communions, and Christenings




Pale Pink or Blue
Baby Showers and Gender Reveals

45 years: Ruby wedding<br>46 years: Lavender wedding<br>47 years: Cashmere wedding<br>48 years: Amethyst wedding<br>49 years: Cedar wedding<br>Celebrate them with red sugared almonds



Silver and Gold