The Tradition

The Story of Confetti

Confetti are delicious sugarcoated almonds given at events that celebrate life’s special moments.

Traditionally given in Italian, French, and Greek cultures, confetti represents that life is both bitter and sweet.

It is customary that confetti is given in odd numbers to show indivisibility and that the couple cannot be divided. The five almonds given at weddings stand for happiness, health, wealth, fertility and longevity to the newlyweds.

Italian importers putting a new spin on an old tradition. We offer a variety of flavors, styles, colors, and all of the accessories necessary to incorporate confetti into your event. Perfect for your home, to create a desserts display table, or package as a favor for your guests.

We provide high quality authentic products that are hand crafted by skilled artisans in Italy. A high caliber rating signifies that our confetti are large almonds with a thin layer of sugar coating, thus producing a delicate and delicious soft sugared almond.

We import directly from Italy. Our family travels abroad every three months to stay involved in the production of our collections.

All products are gluten free! We ship nationwide.

Various colors are used to signify a different event:

15 years: Porcelain wedding<br>16 years: Sapphire wedding<br>17 years: Rose wedding<br>18 years: Turquoise wedding<br>19 years: Cretonne wedding<br>Celebrate them with opaque white sugared almonds

Weddings, Communions, and Christenings




Pale Pink or Blue
Baby Showers and Gender Reveals

45 years: Ruby wedding<br>46 years: Lavender wedding<br>47 years: Cashmere wedding<br>48 years: Amethyst wedding<br>49 years: Cedar wedding<br>Celebrate them with red sugared almonds



Silver and Gold