The Coccarde


Our coccarde ribbon rolls, imported directly from Italy, create beautiful confetti flowers. These delicate and creative treats are wonderful way to add confetti into your event. They make for a sophisticated and meaningful favor for your guests or you can leave one on each bread dish as they arrive. The five almonds in the flower signify five wishes for  health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity.

Our collection features beautiful hand made ribbon with heart edge detailing (Cuore), laser cut accents (Ariel), lace (Pizzo), or dotted edge detailing (Margherita). All available in white or ivory. These flowers are very easy to assemble, perfect for the DIY crafting. Simply cut a row of 5 petals, fill each of the petals with one confetti, pull the strings, and tie the flower closed. Each roll produces approximately 90 flowers, and the Pizzo is a smaller roll producing approximately 40 flowers.